photosynthesis is a collection of 4,444 flowers on the ethereum blockchain. each genesis flower grants access to our virtual flower shoppe, where you can claim a variety of free NFT bouquets throughout the year, commemorating holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. holders will also have access to premium flowers that are in collaboration with other brands.

our primary goal is to encourage more giving in the NFT space. the majority of drops within the photosynthesis ecosystem will be claimable for free to all genesis NFT holders (excluding gas fees) to keep or gift to someone special.

genesis NFT holders will also have the ability to plant notes, messages, and affirmations in the metaverse that will live on 4ever.


#ps143 (or p.s. i love you) is a daily reminder that we will always love our community and encourage our friends to share that love with others. #ps143 is a callback to our childhood, growing up in the middle of 90s tech culture, a time similar to the one we find ourselves in now at the dawn of a new era. it's a nod to the past as we usher in the future.


welcome to the world’s biggest virtual flower shoppe. as a photosynthesis genesis NFT holder, you can claim a variety of free NFT bouquets (excluding gas) to gift for special occasions throughout the year. you’ll also have access to rare limited collaborative drops with other brands. check back to see our ever-evolving selection of flowers.



each bouquet will be able to be planted virtually with a note, message, or affirmation that lasts forever.

2. Free NFTs

10+ additional claimable NFT bouquets on holiday occasions throughout the year.

3. Collab Drops

exclusive access to bouquets in collaboration with brands, merch, and irl events.

4. Mental Health

35% of secondary sales donated to mental health charities.

5. Launch Event

invitation for holders and a guest to private launch event in los angeles.

6. Conversations

discord-exclusive spaces with a variety of industry leaders and tastemakers.

7. Community Wallet

funds allocated to community wallet.



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